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American Collision Centers - Customer Feedback

I recently needed some auto body work on a Tesla. I was referred by a friend to this particular body shop that happened to be Tesla approved. Excellent service from the first day. Paul and his team really took care of me and the car. The car came out perfect, probably better than new, considering Tesla's notorious reputation for fit and finish issues. I highly recommend this body shop to everyone.
- Serge B - Google

My car was damaged a few months back and the insurance company was taking a long time to approve the repairs. They quoted me 2-3 weeks after the repairs were approved to get the parts in and start working. Once the repairs were approved I was in the shop in and out of the shop in less then a week. The best part is I knew when I dropped my car off it was super dirty with dog hair and trash. They went above and beyond and got the thing spotless before I picked it up, saving me a trip to get a detail. Hope I never get it an accident again, but if I do this will be the place I always go.
- Keaton R. - Yelp

I had a really good experience with American Collision Center. Very friendly, good communication, top quality work, and best of all, got the body work done on my daughter’s car way ahead of schedule! Highly recommend!
- Judi Delbick - Google

This is my second review for Paul and ACC. My Tesla glove box was jammed and I took it to Tesla right now and they said it's $250 and two hours. I called Paul and he said bring it in and in 3 minutes he fixed it and said free of charge. This man is the truth and I would recommend this place to everyone. Have sent many people here and they are all satisfied. PAUL THANK YOU AGAIN!!
- Jacob S. - Yelp

Needed to get some dents knocked out on the side of my car. this was the first place popped up on my tesla app w/ good tesla reviews. i called made a appointment for them to look at it. i thought the parts was going to take awhile but they called me sooner saying the parts came in. drop the car off and they gave me a loaner so i didn't have to go through all the rental car thing. came to get my car the other day and Rene and Carl put all my accessories on that i had stored in the truck. im so happy. my car looks SUPER great. the paint is perfect. thank you all ; tina, carl, rene and the owner paul. i appreciate you all .
- NuNu J. - Yelp

ATTN ALL ACCIDENT-DAMAGE- related TESLA OWNERS SEEKING ELON MUSK QUALITY TESLA BODY WORK~ HEAD TO ACC FOR YOUR REPAIRS THEY ARE THE BEST ~ I highly recommend ACC as they proved to be a true elite class exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and communication, Tesla-Specialized State Farm SELECT certified Auto Body that completed my front end accident-damaged Model S in a record 3 weeks (when 6-8 weeks was possible due to supply chain parts delays) !!! Tina, the very congenial receptionist, who State Farm Contacted on Friday after the accident, said to call first thing Monday morning 8am to confirm that ACC could accommodate the repairs. I called at 8:01am and Tina said, we are ready to receive and repair your vehicle. She was so sweet and welcoming; so I had vehicle towed to ACC within the hour. When I arrived, I was greeted by Tina, and owner Paul Sipilian, who thanked me for choosing ACC, and introduced me to Rene Mejia, my personally assigned service advisor. Rene reassured me from the get go, that ACC will take good care of me and the vehicle, assess and order parts immediately, and keep me posted routinely throughout the journey. I was amazed to see more than 15 Tesla's (Model Y, Model Xs, Model 3's, Model S's - the SEXY bunch) and knew straight away I must be in the right place. Rene sent me emails each of the first 2 Fridays with phone calls with updates on parts delivery, and progress. On Wednesday of week 3, Rene notified me that the vehicle would be ready the next day, yesterday, and that, not only was the body work complete to perfection, the Tesla onboard computer was completely recalibrated for the damaged parking sensors, and he had a 4 wheel Tesla-certified alignment done due to the nature of the front end damage. When I arrived to pick up the car, Richard at the front kindly checked the car out to me financially, and Rene walked me around the vehicle, and fully explained the repairs and how he, like me, is OCD perfectionist with respect to completed vehicle appearance, as well as Fit and Finish, and I must say, I was VERY IMPRESSED with the finished product. I feel VERY well qualified to review ACC as I am a retired Physician & CEO with 5 years of Tesla experience, and 40+ years of autobody experience, and I have yet to find a better more professional autobody than ACC. Cheers to Paul and the entire staff of ACC; they run a 5 Star Premier quality TESLA Specialized AutoBody. I now realize that the most important part of the AutoBody experience is finding a Insurance Authorized Tesla Specialized location that focusses on each individuals vehicle to complete repairs timely and with 100% complete satisfaction !!!! Thanks ACC and State Farm. Respectfully, Dr. Gary :)
- Gary Phillips - Google

2021 Tesla Model 3P- Rear Bumper Damage Had a terrific experience with Tina and Rene throughout my repair process. Tina was very helpful and polite right away with my first phone call. They had me scheduled for an estimate within a few days. Rene was extremely friendly and reassuring throughout the repair process. I won't hesitate to use ACC again if needed. 10/10.
- Robert T. - Yelp

I had my Tesla Model Y rear hatch replaced and repainted by them. Their communication between me and my insurance was top notch. They know Teslas inside and out. They do so much work on Model Y and 3 that some common panels are in stock which was a real time saver. In and out in a week. Real pros! I’d return to this shop with full confidence - let’s just hope I don’t need to again any time soon. A+
- Anthony Mendez - Google

Everyone i worked with here was great. They know teslas inside and out, and are very responsive and professional. They also knew the insurance procedures and made the entire process totally seamless. I met the owner the first time there and could see the pride he takes in running this great business.
- Uday Mathur - Google

First I'd like to say that if you have a Tesla, THIS is the Collision center for you! Someone backed into my parked car, popping my tire and damaging the area above the tire and near the headlight. When I called American Collision, Tina, sweet sweet amazing (she's literally the sweetest) Tina was there to take my call and assist me with booking my appointment and since my car got hit on a weekend, they were able to get me in that next week! I was able to tow my car to the center, they accepted the car without me being there and the absolutely incredible Rene was the man that took such great care of my car, I literally cannot explain how amazing Tina and Rene were to me! And not only were they absolutely amazing, THEY FIXED MY CAR IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! If you know about Tesla's, Tesla's can take months to fix because of parts and stuff so I am so thankful that American collision center had the parts needed to fix my car and I went out of the country for a little over a week and came back to my car being fixed the day after I got back home. Rene, Tina, THANK YOU! Although I hope I never have to get my car fixed again, it makes me happy to know I have two people that genuinely care and are so sweet and take such great car of my car! They treated me like family, constantly updating me on how my car was doing and I couldn't be more grateful for them!

I say all this to say, if you need your Tesla fixed, this is the place to come! Although the parts needed for my car were already available there, they may have to order parts for you and unfortunately that timeframe isn't their fault, but I can assure you that once they have the parts needed, they're so quick to fix your car and I 100% recommended them! Thank you Tina and Rene, so much!! ACC and State Farm are the best of the best!
- Kennedy S. - Yelp

This has by far been my best experience with an autoshop. They are so Kind, Informative, and Prompt. I highly recommend this shop for any repairs or claims. Thank you so much David for all your help. You and your crew are the best!
- Elizabeth Rossi - Google

Look for Azad. Let me put it this way. This place care about the work and reputation than the money.
- Caden G. - Yelp

These guys are great every single one of them they got my car fixed right away ( Tesla model Y performance ). They even got me a brand new model Y for rental. You guys are awesome amd Paul Thank you.
- Kenneth Bueno - Google

This place is seriously awesome. As a woman, it is a rarity for me to have a good experience with car based places. I would 100% recommend this place to anyone. I never once felt uncomfortable. Every single person who worked here was so kind and lovely. All they wanted to do was help and make some nice conversation. It took a while to get the parts in for my Tesla but they only kept my car for 5 days to fix it and it looked good as new afterwards! There were some minor scratches I noticed on the back that were not there previously. I pointed them out to the owner and they took it back and fixed it. So wonderful! I really appreciate the people at this place and would very highly recommend it. Also, they completely cleaned the interior and exterior of the car before returning it to me! Amazing.
- Andrea L. - Yelp

This body shop is a gem of a find. American Collision Center is exemplified by their honest, reliable work completed in a timely fashion. They make every effort ot “under promise and over deliver“. I would highly recommend this establishment for auto repairs
- Monique Shultz - Google

Been using this place for years for any work that needed doing. Haven't been to many places to compare it to, but they've always been excellent, and were recommended by both the insurance co and the car dealer. So they have a great reputation and their work for me has always been perfect. Renee is great for getting the estimates done and working well with the customers and insurance co's. Can't recommend them highly enough. If you need auto body work done, trust me, this is the place!
- To Be (The Critic) - Google

If you have a tesla collision, bring it here!!! i found it on teslas authorized repair list and Rene and the team took excellent care of my car.
- Karo S. - Yelp

After someone crashed into the side of my car at a red light and completly damaged the whole drivers side of the car I was devistated. All I could think about was one minute I am sitting at a red light and the next someone is halfway through the whole side of my car. That same day I called my insurance company to find out how to deal with this mess. My car is my livelyhood and without it I am unable to do my job, which is a very big problem.

With no hesitation State Farm referred me to American Collission Center who is a State Farm APROVED vendor and is TESLA CERTIFIED!!! This was such a relief to me because I knew I can only give my car to a body shop who is Tesla Certified and knows their way around my car. The next day I was given a meeting to inspect the car at American Auto Collission. There I met with Rene. Let me tell you Rene is the one you want to work with! He understood my situation completly, reassured me that they are able to repair my car correctly and in a timely manner, and communicated directly with State Farm.

He is the true hero in my story. First thing he did was pre order my parts and establish coverage from my insurance company. A week later I dropped off the car and was given a 20 day eta on when it will be complete. After dropping off the car I recieved updates from Rene 2 times a week and even got my car ahead of schedule!

I picked up my car and let me tell you I was impressed! Rene and his team put back my car with excellent craftsmanship. I drove home as happy as can be. If you have a Tesla and are looking for a body shop. Look no further, Rene at American Collission is your GO TO!
- Omer G. - Yelp

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Northridge, CA 91324
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We are an industry leading autobody paint and repair shop serving customers in Southern California.

All services are performed by highly qualified technicians and mechanics.


If you want the quality you would expect from
the dealership, but with a more personal and
friendly atmosphere, you have found it.


We have invested in all the latest specialist tools
and diagnostic software that is specifically
tailored for the software in your vehicle.


Our auto repair shop is capable of servicing a
variety of models. We only do the work that is
needed to fix your problem.


We offer a full range of autobody services to clients throughout Southern California.

Our well trained professionals know how to handle every situation.

TESLA Approved Body Shop


Body Work: Precision measurement and frame pulls guarantee restoration of every vehicle to pre-accident condition. Lasermate unibody and frame measurements before and after adjustments guarantee accurate straightening.

Painting: State-of-the-art prep stations guarantee a clean and efficient working environment. The down-draft paint booth with oven ensures rapid, flawless paint jobs for perfect matches.

Towing: For your convenience, we can arrange your towing needs.

Car Rentals: For your convenience, we can arrange your car rental needs for you.


Estimates: We provide free estimates with our new CCC ONE Estimating System. We are also able to email estimates and photos for your convenience.

Detailing: We help you protect your investment with complete auto detailing services.

Dent Repair: Less expense, excellent results!! With special tools and training we are able to repair minor dents without disturbing the paint finish.

TESLA Approved Body Shop


(818) 772-5757
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